Distribution services and warehouse management – space, people, inventory and equipment. BoxWorks knows your business and has the tools and information to help you run it better. Warehouse management will help you get the most from your capital investment and your people. It will also help you to better serve your existing customers and gain new customers through enhanced service levels and superior warehouse processes.

Think using a clipboard or spreadsheet is "good enough" for your DC? Think again – it doesn’t have to be. BoxWorks provides Tier 1 features and capability at a price even you can afford. With a BoxWorks warehouse solution you can enjoy workload and workforce visibility, extremely accurate inventory tracking, optimized and directed work flow management and usable reporting features without risking your future. Our extensive experience integrating with systems such as SAP, Oracle and Quickbooks along with our reassuring round-the-clock support gives you the benefits of an integrated system with a healthy future to make your business grow. BoxWorks offers two approaches to help you find the solution that fits your needs. Build a tailored solution with BoxKeeper, our enterprise-level warehouse management product; or develop a custom solution with BoxTracker, our proven platform for high performance solutions.

BoxKeeper is a full-featured web-enabled WMS product built from the ground up as an enterprise warehouse application. BoxKeeper leverages the power and scalability of the Java J2EE software development architecture. Products developed under these specifications permit cross-platform migration, hardware scalability and flexible component selection. Configurable features such as naming/terminology, work flow mapping, language, and work rules provide the power and flexibility to adapt the product to your business, not the other way around. BoxKeeper gives you true real-time warehouse operations. Need to cycle count at the same time as your overnight delivery orders are picking? No problem. Need to cross-dock an order as inventory is received? No problem. Manage high volume returns? No problem. RF, Windows Mobile and native label printing capabilities give you the shop floor interfaces to keep your workforce productive. BoxKeeper is a scalable, N-tier application designed to run on Windows, Linux or Unix. Have a preferred database management engine? No problem. BoxKeeper can be configured with most any relational database system including those from Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source. BoxKeeper is ideally suited for companies in industries such as:

  • Retail Furniture
  • 3PL
  • Food Service
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals

BoxTracker provides a sophisticated base from which to build a custom application. Using BoxWorks’ Echo technology baseline, a supply chain execution system tailored specifically to you can be up and running in a surprisingly short time and for less than you might expect. BoxTracker systems have been scaled to operate applications from standalone pick-to-light work cells all the way up to sophisticated manufacturing facility and distribution controls. Material handling automation and integration is built-in giving you optimized control and scheduling of carousels, conveyor, AS/RS, sortation and AGV systems. In addition, conventional warehousing is spoken here.