BoxKeeper™ - Warehouse Management System
A next generation Warehouse Management System - (WMS) providing a powerful and affordable WMS for your dedicated or 3PL distribution needs.

™ - Material Tracking System
Provides the missing link between your ERP/WMS system and the shop floor.

DC Foresight
™ - Distribution Center Modeling Software
A powerful tool providing optimized warehouse layout and slotting recommendations.

™ - Slotting Optimization Software
Optimizes picking productivity and minimizes per order labor costs by actively suggesting optimal pick slot assignments.

Echo WCS
™ - Equipment Control Software
Custom inventory, equipment and workflow control software. BoxWorks quickly and efficiently translates your custom system requirements into a tailored real-time application using the Echo WCS baseline.

Echo WMS™ - Custom Solutions
A Unix-based software suite forming the basis for your custom WMS.