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Frequently Asked Questions about BoxWorks Technologies, Inc. Product Software Support

What are the priority of calls and how are they handled?

Support calls are prioritized by level of severity.

Level 1 - A problem that seriously affects the operations of the business such as a system crash, or one that prevents production to continue, is considered critical and is given the utmost priority. BoxWorks will provide its best effort to restart the system or resolve the issues immediately. BoxWorks Customer Service management is immediately informed of all level 1 problems.

Level 2 - Problems that affect the business, but do not threaten production, or have a workaround, are considered to be important and are assigned a high priority. The resolution for these types of problems will be assigned to the earliest possible scheduled maintenance release.

Level 3 - Requests for information are prioritized after level 1 and level 2 problems and are dealt with in a first in first out manner.