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Frequently Asked Questions about BoxWorks Technologies, Inc. Product Software Support

What’s the preferred method of contacting support and get resolution to problems?

To assist BoxWorks engineers to understand and resolve an issue efficiently, clients are requested to provide as much detail as possible regarding the problem when placing calls or e-mails.

Calls to the Customer Service Center should be initiated by the client’s designated representative that provides 1st level help desk support for the BoxWorks software. When reporting a problem, have the following information ready.

  • Company name and site location
  • BoxWorks support contract number
  • Name of caller and main client point of contact regarding the problem.
  • Phone number where we can call you
  • Identify the software you are using
  • Provide a short description of the problem
  • Have available specific details of the problem to review with the Support Engineer
    • What happened
    • What is wrong
    • What was done to trouble shoot the problem
    • Where the associated data can be found
    • What results will judge that the problem has been resolved

During normal business hours you will be transferred to a Customer Service Support Engineer to begin working on the problem. Outside of normal business hours a Customer Service Support Engineer will be immediately paged or contacted via cell phone.